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Monday, June 21, 2010

I am Whole

On Saturday June 19th I tested for my 3rd Dan in TaeKwonDo.
It was a great day, I am so lucky to have Mr. JJ Lee in my life.
Mr Lee tested six of us for 5 hours and have I learned so much from him. I am going to the Do Jang tonight to get started.  I want to work on my running jumping frontkicks, and my sidekicks.
My patterns I thought were just Ok , one-step sparring pretty good, sparring OK, breaking ... well,... requires work ...alot of work. I do not know whether I passed ... yet I would do it all again.
I was worried that I would injure myself yet I am quite good , a little sore yet whole.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hello Again I am Back

I have been a quilting
The Dusty Trail 62"X38"is nearly complete
When I look at this quilt , I do not know what to expect . It is so different to all my others. Very subtle
Oh, I have to thank Heather at Superior Threads. All the thread colours that she picked out for me in Houston, those ended up being the threads colours I use on The Dusty Trail
I used a lot of the bottom line on the top and bottom. Works really well as the thread is very fine so it blends right in and is very subtle (I know I used that word again yet it fits with what it looks like)
Oh, on the threadwork for the foreground grass and weeds I used some varigated Superior threads. I like the effect a little bit of shine and variation in colour showing movement
100 hours for the painting, white cotton fabric dyed and painted, 500 hours and counting for threadwork, quilting,trapunto, raw edge applique, hand-sewing
I called the quilt The Dusty Trail because when I was working on it I cried a lot. At times I even had to stop quilting so that my eyes would clear. This quilt triggered something in me, I started receiving images of my past as I worked.
I think it could be something to do with the colours, I love the combination of colours in this quilt
The cowpoke knows the end result to this particular roundup
In our lives here on earth they can be challenging and some even with hard lessons, we do not know what is over the next hill or what is on the horizon
For some it has been The Dusty Trail