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Detail of Someone Found
Detail of Someone Found

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Painted Portraits on Fabric
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

To Paint Or Not To Paint

The paint has been flying lately
I have been painting fabric panels for my next quilt
The idea I have is very different again for me
This new one will involve alot of painting before I can get to the sewing stage

The quilting of The Dusty Trail is complete, I am tucking all the threads back in . The label is ready to go on . The sleeve has some machine sewing then it will be ready to be sewn on . I am excited, I hope to send TDT to Houston soon

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Dusty Trail Goes To Houston

I so excited.. I just can't hide it ...
The Dusty Trail has been selected as a finalist to be exhibited at the 2010 International Quilting Association Festival/Houston in the annual IQA Fall Judged Show.

The Dusty Trail
White cotton dyed and painted, free motion threadwork and quilting, raw edge applique, trapunto and hand embroidery
100 hours of painting , 500 hours sewing ...

The Cowpoke knows the end result of this horse round-up.
We however do not know what is over the next hill or beyond the horizon. For some their life path it has been clear, for others it has been The Dusty Trail

The Cowboy is Ed Peterson on his 1948 horse round-up Alberta/Saskatchewan.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I Am In Design Mode

Besides getting my quilt done, I have been designing a few things
There are these two tote bags that I have designed for my class at A Quilter's Retreat May 2011.
For creating the model of the larger bag I decided to use some of Ricky Tim's fabric.
I chose a fairly dark blue with a bit of black and his black with a slightly bluish gray dyed fabric.
The larger tote is painted with a dark background.  The smaller tote I want to use white cotton paint/dyed to enhance this bag.

This is a sketch of the projects that we will be working on at the retreat. I had to add the fairy cause the retreat is very close to Ferndale, Ca
Next week I am going to be posting The Dusty Trail